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Blustream DA11ABL-WP EU

Blustream DA11ABL-WP EU

Blustream DA11ABL-WP EU



The DA11ABL-WP is a multi-input / output wall plate to convert Bluetooth and analogue audio within a digital Dante® networked audio system. The DA11ABL-WP converts 2 x input channels of Bluetooth, or unbalanced audio to Dante® digital audio, and 2 x channels of Dante® audio to 2 x output channels of unbalanced audio. Software configuration for the DA11ABL-WP allows for the Bluetooth name to be amended as required where being deployed in multi-user spaces.

The DA11ABL-WP is a plug & play device that is powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet), or via 12V power supply, offers support for AES67 RTP audio transport, and magnetic faceplate design allows for Decora backbox compatibility. The DA11ABL-WP is the ideal BYOD interface to allow any Bluetooth device to stream audio wirelessly to a Dante® audio system.

Key Features

  • Dante® network wall plate interface for Bluetooth and analogue L/R audio inputs, and L/R audio outputs
  • Converts 2ch Bluetooth, or un-balanced audio sources to Dante® audio
  • Converts 2x Dante® audio channels to un-balanced audio outputs
  • Configurable Bluetooth naming allows for simple discovery of the unit
  • Adjustable input sensitivity from +24dBu to -28dBV via control software
  • Adjustable output gain from +20dBu to -28 dBV via control software
  • Supports: 44.1, 48 & 96kHz sample rates @ 16, 24 or 32 Bit
  • Configurable Dante® device latency (supports 1, 2 or 5ms configurable using Dante® Controller)
  • Supports AES67 RTP audio transport
  • Features Class 0 IEEE 802.3af PoE for powering of product from any PoE switch
  • Supports power via 12V DC adapter (supplied) for when network switch does not support PoE
  • Magnetic faceplate surround allowing for both UK & EU backbox compatibility

    *Dante® is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd


  • Audio Input Connectors: 1 x Analogue Left / Right audio (3.5mm stereo jack) 
  • Audio Output Connectors: 2 x Analogue RCA (Left / Right)
  • Network Connectors: 1 x PoE Dante® Ethernet Connection (RJ45)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth V5.0 - SBC / MP3 / AAC / APT-X / APTX-LL / APTX-HD, 44.1K-48KHz 16 / 24Bit
  • Configuration Switches: 1 x Push button (connect / selection)
  • Firmware  Upgrade: 1 x Micro-USB UART port
  • Module Dimensions (W x H x D): 74mm x 74mm x 50mm (without faceplate)
  • Faceplate Dimensions (W x H x D): 85mm x 85mm x 5mm
  • Cut Out Dimensions (W x H x D): 52mm x 55mm x 38mm