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ELAC LS 100 Speaker Stand

ELAC LS 100 Speaker Stand

ELAC LS 100 Speaker Stand


Optimal decoupling with spikes

A good speaker stand sits upon spikes (and possibly with washers to protect your floor), which results in a much better decoupling. If you want to go one step further, you can fill the standing tube with sand to nip every trace of the foot’s own resonance in the bud. This immediately translates into a sonic improvement in the rendering. Spaciousness, definition, stereo image and bass reproduction improve by leaps and bounds.

Stable Placement

The height of the LS 100 speaker stand is approx. 68.5 cm, positioning the monitor speaker at the ideal listening height. The LS 100 weighs 9.5 kilos and is very stable in combination with the supplied height-adjustable spikes. The MDF base provides extra damping of resonances.

Immovable connection

In most ELAC monitor loudspeakers (see their properties) screw sockets are fitted in the bottom, as in the Concentro S 503 and S 501, to fix the loudspeaker firmly. There are screw holes for this in the top plate of the LS 100.

Note: if your ELAC or other brand of loudspeaker does not have suitable threaded sockets in the bottom, an adhesive eraser is an excellent alternative.

Material:    MDF / metal


  • height: 685 mm (incl. spikes)
  • width foot: 295 mm
  • depth foot: 400 mm
  • top plate width: 127 mm
  • depth top plate: 140 mm


  • approx. 9.5 kg


  • 4 spikes with saucers
  • 4 silicone caps
  • screws for mounting
  • required mounting tools

Suitable for:      

  • Concentro S501(2x) and S503
  • Carina BS 243.4
  • Solano BS 283 and Vela BS 403