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Infinity BASSLINK Active Subwoofer

Infinity BASSLINK Active Subwoofer

Infinity BASSLINK Active Subwoofer


200-Watt Powered Subwoofer System

10" Woofers
The Infinity BassLink system uses two ultra-rigid 10" woofers to deliver extreme output in any car audio system. One woofer is powered by BassLink’s 200-watt digital amplifier, and the other operates as a passive radiator. By using a passive radiator, BassLink doesn’t have to use a larger ported enclosure. This setup keeps BassLink’s profile slim, making it easy to install in any vehicle – even those with limited space.

200-watt digital amplifier
When you want your bass to really bump, you need all the good, clean power you can get. You need a subwoofer amplifier that is both powerful and efficient, which is exactly what you get with the Infinity BassLink. It uses an extremely efficient Class D design that delivers 200 watts of power to BassLink’s active 10" woofer. Now, that’s some power. More than other types of amplifiers, this Class D design turns the power extracted from your vehicle’s charging system into output to drive the woofer. BassLink is so efficient that it radiates little heat and puts its power into sound. You’ll appreciate that power when you have your system cranked up. The BassLink system also features a servo-control circuit that continually monitors the voice coil’s position and prevents the distortion that erupts from overdriving a conventional woofer. By offering more control over the woofer even with the instantly changing demands of music, the BassLink system can extract loud, deep bass from an incredibly small enclosure. So go for it. With BassLink, you are going to get a powered subwoofer system with more clean, efficient power going to the subwoofer – and you know what that means. It means get ready to rock and roll, because your vehicle is going to be shaking with bass.

Work with any system
The Infinity BassLink system was designed to be installed in nearly any type of car audio system. Have a factory OEM system? BassLink includes speaker-level inputs that allow it to be easily integrated into nearly any factory-built system. Since it also includes an audio-sense circuit, the system will turn the amplifier on whenever it detects an audio signal. Are you adding BassLink to an aftermarket system that has RCA subwoofer outputs? BassLink has RCA line-level inputs for integration into a truly high-performance car audio system. Either way, BassLink accepts up to four channels of input to ensure that your system will have nonfading bass for the best possible performance.

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