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SCP SIMPLY45 S45 C101 Crimping Tool

SCP SIMPLY45 S45 C101 Crimping Tool

SCP SIMPLY45 S45 C101 Crimping Tool


Simply45® ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool - Pass Through & Standard WE/SS RJ45

Simply45® Simply45® ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool for All Shielded & Unshielded Simply45® Brand Pass Through & Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Mod Plugs. Includes: Tool Lock, Click Socket, Blade Storage, Stripper/Cutter

Dimensions (in/mm): 11.6 x 4.5 x 1.2 in / 295 x 115 x 30 mm

Simply45®, the award-winning brand for innovative professional RJ45 solutions, introduces our ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool for Pass Through & Standard RJ45 modular plugs. This crimper includes features recommended by professional installers such as Click-Lock Socket, Blade Storage in Handle, External Ground Crimping Socket, and more. Our S45-C101 is Simply the best RJ45 crimper available, and we back this up with our Lifetime Warranty*.

The S45-C101 crimps ALL Simply45® brand RJ45 modular plugs including Pass Through, Standard WE/SS (8P8C), Shielded and Unshielded.

Note: This tool is designed to only crimp Simply45 brand RJ45 modular plugs.

Simply45® ProSeries 10G Shielded RJ45 Crimp Tool S45-C101 Features:

Crimps Both Pass Through and Standard WE/SS Shielded RJ45 Modular Plugs. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool crimps both Simply45® Brand Pass Through and Simply45® Brand Standard WE/SS shielded with external ground RJ45 modular plugs typically used with shielded 10G LAN cables and larger diameter LAN cables such as Cat6 Shielded. This tool works with Simply45® brand RJ45 plugs only

Locking Crimp Socket. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool features a locking socket to securely hold the RJ45 modular plug in the correct position for crimping.  When you insert the Shielded with External Ground plug you will hear a click sound. This lets you know that the plug is in proper position for termination. 

Sliding Tool Lock. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool features a convenient sliding tool lock to hold the crimp tool in its closed position when not in use.  This prevents the crimp tool from inadvertent opening. This is a great feature for storage in the installers kit.

Blade Storage in the Handle. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool includes a convenient storage box built into the crimp tool handle. Now you can have both new trimming blade and cutting blades right with your crimp tool. 

Crimping Socket for External Ground Arm. Shielded RJ45 modular plugs with external ground have an arm that extends from the back of the plug. This arm is then crimped to the cable jacket to help secure the terminated plug permanently to the LAN cable. Most RJ45 crimp tools on the market require you to use a separate crimp tool to secure the external ground arm to the LAN cable. 

Ratcheted for Full Compression Cycle. A ratcheted crimp tool requires the installer to complete the full crimping cycle. While some RJ45 brands are eliminating this feature with their crimp tools, Simply45® knows that a ratcheted crimp tool is critical to ensuring that the RJ45 pins are properly seated onto the wire conductors and the pass through wires are properly trimmed.  A ratcheted crimp tool prevents incomplete plug termination.

Synchronized Handles = More Force with Less Hand Effort. The Simply45® S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool uses synchronized handles that compress together during the crimping cycle. This synchronization delivers consistent and even force directly to the plug socket and the wire trimming.  The result is a smoother, faster and easier crimping process. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool provides more leverage than any other RJ45 crimp tool. The tool handles open up to 4.25" (108mm). This leverage delivers more force with less hand effort during the crimping cycle. Other RJ45 crimp tools may work ok when you are crimping Cat5e, but when you start crimping Cat6 or Cat6a LAN cables, it usually takes both hands squeezing strongly to complete the crimp cycle. The Simply45® RJ45 Crimp Tool design utilizes BOTH handles working in tandem to deliver the crimping force with much less effort. Crimping Cat6 cables with one hand is easy to do. This lowers the hand fatigue especially when you have many terminations to complete in a day.

Steel Reinforced for Greater Stability. They wrapped the Simply45® S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool with reinforced steel to ensure tool stability during the crimping cycle.  Crimp tool stability results in a smoother crimping cycle, better pin sets, more consistent wire trimming and greater durability over time. You can compare this to chefs in the kitchen.  That carving knife works smooth with less effort. In our industry the professional installer is the chef and RJ45 terminations are done in his kitchen. That is why professional installers should only use the best professional tools for the best professional results.

Improved Trimming Blade Design. We discussed above the importance of Tool Stability" in delivering the best RJ45 terminations. 

The Simply45® engineers spent considerable time designing a pass through RJ45 crimp tool that would deliver consistent flush-to-the-plug wire trimming over time. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool incorporate these engineering designs. These engineering features include:  Even force delivered to the trimming blades by the synchronized crimp tool handles; a more stable crimping socket; a fixed blade position alignment requiring no adjustments; a more precise angle with no flexing on the trimming blade; and a diamond polished hardened steel trimming blade.   The results are more flush and consistent wire trimming over many more termination cycles.  

Wire Alignment Pattern Where You Need It. Simply45® laser engraves the wire alignment patterns Type A/B right under the crimping socket. We also list the pattern to match how the RJ45 modular plug is inserted into the tool. This makes it easy to provide one last check to be sure the wires are properly aligned inside the plug before crimping. 

Easy Blade Changing. Dull and worn out blades is one of the primary causes for improper wire trimming on pass through RJ45 modular plugs.   Making blade changing quick and easy to do. 30 seconds is all you need to change the trimming blade. No adjustments needed. Just one screw and you changed the trimming blade. Simply45® believes that if you make changing the trimming blades very easy, installers will change the trimming blades more often. 

Set Strain Reliefs / Boots During Crimping Cycle. Simply45® offers integrated strain reliefs / boots that are crimped to the RJ45 modular plug during the crimping cycle.  The process is fast and secure. Using strain reliefs (boots) is very important to protect the RJ45 modular plug termination. The Simply45® integrated strain reliefs work much better than other strain reliefs. The Simply45® integrated strain reliefs are narrow (same width as the RJ45 modular plug). This is ideal for multi-port patch panels as you can easily insert and remove the plug from the jacks. 

Multi-Function.  the S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool also includes a built-in wire cutter and wire stripper.

Ergonomic Grip. Simply45® designed the S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool with an ergonomic grip that reduces hand fatigue and slippage.