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With the new TD124 DD, Thorens is reviving one of the most legendary turntables in the brand’s history. The original concept of the TD124 has been massively improved upon, using modern approaches, and now offers an unparalleled playback quality.

The original TD124 was introduced in 1957 and has been used for decades in countless broadcast studios around the world. Ambitious music lovers also quickly discovered the highly precise turntable for themselves; a dedicated fan base has remained loyal to the TD124 to this day.

Thorens is now building on this tradition with the TD124DD, while innovating with new technology. The purist design and simple  construction approach is based on the original, but the height-adjustable aluminium chassis now rests on vibration-damping rubber elements. Instead of the original drive with friction wheel and belt, the new TD124DD uses a high precision Direct Drive. This provides powerful torque, allows precise speed control, and keeps unwanted vibrations from the drive, away from the platter.

The new TP124 can be precisely adjusted in all parameters, featuring an innovative anti-skating solution with a ruby bearing and a patented electric tonearm lift, that facilitates gentle placement and removal of the stylus from a record.

In addition to the extensive adjustment options, the enclosed headshell provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to selecting a cartridge. In the box, you’ll find a slightly heavier counterweight to match the Thorens SPUTD124 pickup, which is available as an optional extra. This is an updated version of another legendary piece of equipment, the famous Ortofon SPU. Thorens has created the SPU124 together with Ortofon, for the discerning vinyl enthusiast who is looking for the extraordinary.

Thorens has paid attention to every detail when developing the new TD 124 DD to ensure that it meets the highest aspirations in sound performance. A high-quality external power supply unit ensures interference-free power delivery. In addition to the unbalanced outputs, balanced XLR connectors are also provided, which guarantee optimal signal transmission and thus the best possible sound when connecting the TD124DD to a high-end system with an appropriately equipped phono preamplifier.

Special Features

  • High Precision Direct Drive Motor
  • Electrical Lift
  • TP124 Tonearm
  • Removable Headshell (SME connector)
  • Prepared for SPU Cartridge
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs
  • External power supply

    Thorens Flightcase available separately