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Velodyne EQ-MAX series

Velodyne EQ-MAX series

Velodyne EQ-MAX series

EQ-Max Series

The EQ-Max series offers the ideal combination of technology and value. It delivers powerful low-end bass easily matched to any home entertainment system with our one-touch Auto-EQ. Our Embedded Digital Signal processing chips control all audio functions with digital precision that is unsurpassed in the price range. The DSP Distortion Limiting System assures maximum driver excursion and amplifier output, reproducing music and home theater with a fraction of the audible distortion found in competitive products, without sacrificing output or dynamics. The remote control lets you control all of the sub’s functions from the comfort of your favorite chair with visible feedback on the front panel.


 Spec Sheet    8"

 Spec Sheet   10"

 Spec Sheet   12"

 Spec Sheet   15"